Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter dinner.

I easily get seduced by food blogs with gorgeous photos. I tried to make chocolate mousse for the first time using this recipe. The writer mentions that she was feeling lazy, so decided to whip up "nothing fancy" at the last minute. Maybe you can be lazy to make this, but a PhD in chemistry wouldn't hurt either. And anger management skills to prevent yourself from throwing it against the wall. The almond toffee which never caramelized ended up in the garbage, the melted chocolate turned into a solidified mass after adding the egg yolks, and the egg whites that were meant to peak -- didn't. I was this close to tossing the whole thing, but as I glared bitterly into the bowl of non-compliant whip cream and expensive chocolate, I decided to cover it with the remainder of almond slivers and put it into glasses to refrigerate. Good thing I did, as the portions were polished off. Quality ingredients + good friends = a successful evening... :) (Don't ask about the main course... But the wine was good, and aren't the flowers lovely!)

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