Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I just got back from 2 weeks in Ontario. 2 days with my pal in Toronto where we wore our feet down to bloody stumps. We covered Kensington, Queen West and East, Riverdale, Leslieville, Beaches (upper and lower!), Gerrard India Bazaar, Roncesvalle, The Annex, Corktown, St. Lawrence, Ossington, Dundas, Allan Gardens, and Ward's Island. My feet were literally falling apart (ouch) - we did take the streetcar and subway for a bit. Ward's Island made my jaw drop with it's quaint overgrown cottages, weather-beaten cycling inhabitants, and car-freeness. From Queen East to Leslieville it looked like the businesses and signs hadn't changed since the 50s to 80s, with the exception of the newer but tasteful/cute shops opening up (no chain stores or modern advertising to be seen anywhere).

We ate at several restaurants of note. Niagara Street CafĂ© is tucked out of sight in a residential area. The food was creative and locally sourced. The atmosphere was cosy and just lively enough as evening grew. Weezie's was likewise out of the way in Corktown. The food was simple and delicious, the atmosphere minimalist and quiet. Le Select was also off the beaten path, down a charming street just off the crazy bustle of Spadina. Rich, melt in your mouth dishes (emphasis on rich - but just-right French proportions). Chic european decor.

Then a day in TO with my folks (I was almost limping by this point, but it was worth it). We covered Harbourfront, the Distillery District, the AGO, and returned to Le Select for dinner.

Train back to my hometown for a few days serenity...

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