Thursday, June 03, 2010

While in Ayr, I bought this Robert Tannahill glass house at Ayr Space, a collaborative art gallery featuring rural and small community artists and crafters in Ontario. The space used to be a hardware store, and has been beautifully renovated into a large airy room with hardwood floors, and a tin ceiling. Ayr needs more places like this! Check out Robert and his wife's work at pipe and punty.

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Downtown said...

Greetings Mia:

So thrilled to be included in your blog. Nice to reconnect if only for an hour or so.

It was SO wonderful to have your Mom come for the What's in your Barn? What's on the Farm opening on Friday. Wish you could have been with her.

What a great eye you have. I felt like I have had a mini-visit to Toronto.

Jill Yuzwa