Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I met Fred Herzog! He gave a fabulous lecture to a very appreciative, standing-room-only audience at Emily Carr University yesterday. He's a wonderful speaker and a great character. My friend Jessica recently bought one of his prints, and asked that I take a photo of him, which I very sheepishly did. A few golden nuggets of wisdom (re. street photography) that I remember: Your photos reflect who you are and your whole life experience - it's not the camera that makes a good picture. Content is more important than picture quality. Take some technical risks every time you go out shooting. Posing people in photos is "the shits". He's subtle when taking photos of strangers (shoot from the hip etc.). It was easier taking photos of strangers then, because people now have an "exaggerated sense of privacy". If you don't take pictures of regular people in public spaces, who will? The media began controlling what we see around 1956 - fantasy images were chosen over realism. "There are only a few people who can see, and most people don't bother to look".

An audience member asked, what does he find of interest to photograph in Vancouver now that it's modern and lacking the character and decay he loved to shoot? Answer: He mainly goes into the woods now... (nuff said)

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Justin said...

Oh I wish I could have gone along to that talk!