Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some time in Vancouver's past (the 50 or 60s?), people went mad covering wood structures in dreary grey stucco. This store on Victoria Dr. at William St. recently had that removed, unexpectedly revealing this 1920s ad.

Read about the bakery's history here, and see a photo of it before most of the clapboard was removed. Click through the slide show to see other uncovered (then recovered) ghost ads in Vancouver.


RodF said...

But, it's old. It's charming. Time for the super-duper powers of Vancouver's Anti-Heritage League to attack!

Mia Hansen Vancouver, BC said...

Rod, you just don't understand the play between the austerity of west coast modern with the natural landscape... I think they should pour concrete over the whole thing and leave a glass peep hole through which to view the ad in a detached ironic way.