Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have these friends who have a (verging on unhealthy) obsession with gnomes (they gots a LOT of gnomes, and go crazy for anything gnome related). So when I had to make a birthday dinner for one of them (the wife-half), I purchased these vintage gnome cake toppers from Etsy. (Yes, the centre gnome is pushing a wheel barrow filled with pistachios, which is pretty rad). Upon entering my apartment and seeing my cupcake display, the husband-half exclaimed that these were the exact same gnomes that had ignited his obsession! Many years ago he was walking past an L.A. bakery and saw these on a cake. He actually walked in and asked about them, and was told that they were called "el gnomo."

The cupcakes are pistachio olive oil with fig compote filling. Very yum recipe.

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