Saturday, February 04, 2012

What??  Herzog again?
Well, I had to check out the Equinox Gallery's brand new Project Space at 525 Great Northern Way where they are unloading their prints of his work (up to $4,400 for the larger size), and enjoyed his photos as much as the first time I saw them at VAG, and then again at Equinox on Granville.  Plus, there were many prints I had never seen before.  It's in a bit of weird spot, behind the college campus, and around a bend, and around another bend behind some industrial buildings and large mysterious machinery bits.

Then to Pizzaria Barbarella which I can heartily recommend.  It is populated with beautiful girls with top-knots and their well-heeled bearded companions.  When did young people get so healthy, wealthy, wise and stylish?  The 90s seem so pathetic now.

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