Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cocktails at The Diamond in Gastown.
Beautiful old cosy space with upper view of Gastown, irritatingly loud and obnoxious music that counteracts the old-timey charm (with a few nice, twee indie songs oddly thrown in), expensive yet intriguing and vast array of cocktails, small menu of "bites" (not really a meal place), packed to the rafters (and hence louder) with a lineup after 9, a secret back room down the hall behind a black curtain for vip types, clientele: downtown hip
Final verdict: Visually appealing, but not suitable for grumps like moi who suffer from borderline "social deafness." Bonus points for no TVs, and waitresses in normal clothes.


RodF said...

I agree on all counts. The music ruins the whole thing. I'm not sure how the owners can possibly reconcile the decor/vibe with the near death metal selection of rawkin' tunes we were subjected to. At every table people were bellowing their conversations to be heard over the in-your-face shredding.

What? Am I supposed to head bang over my fusion gyoza? Rage against the chandelier?

Mia Hansen Vancouver, BC said...

They are definitely trying for "intimate old-world chic", but can't resist pandering to the easily bored. Yeah, I found my miniature crab cakes hard to digest with all that adrenaline-inducing thumping.