Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hotel Georgia - Design Success and Fail

I was hopeful today of discovering a decent place to meet for coffee in central downtown. The beautiful old Hotel Georgia recently spent millions of dollars refurbishing the whole place, and there are several dining options throughout.  Judging by the Bel Café website, it's a light, cheery, and colourful little spot for an affordable breakfast.  I couldn't get a decent photo of the interior, but suffice to say, this light fixture tells you all you need to know.  In typical Vancouver fashion, the grey and black interior aims to simultaneously offend and please no one.

In order to cleanse our eyeballs, my companion and I went through to the hotel, which we found to be tastefully restored.  How anyone could make an aesthetic connection between the café and the hotel was beyond us.

 We discovered an interesting pool, and a central terrace with lounge chairs on the 4th floor.  I can kind of picture sipping cocktails there in the summer - a secret little open air spot right downtown.

Below is the elevator in the Sinclair Center - something nice to look at on one's way to the dreary passport office.

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