Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bowen Island

Perfect day trip to Bowen Island via the English Bay Launch from Granville Island. It's worth the extra clamshells to avoid Translink to Horseshoe Bay then the ferry. You're there in 30 minutes for $40 return (Dude, check it out from a distance). We took the trail around Killarney Lake which takes about 2 hours. Lunch at Doc Morgan's where the fish and chips are excellent (and I'm super picky about my f&c).

Don't miss Bert Higgin's tiny logger's cabin, the interior of which has been re-imagined (methinks by a woman) complete with sleeping cat. There is a button on the wall with the adorable instructions "Press the button". You'll have to push it yourself to see what happens... (It's located at the Museum and Archives in Snug Cove.)

If you like un-touristy walks, the lake is a good spot. There weren't too many humans there on a Saturday. There is no beach, and it's not that suitable for swimming (which adds to the quiet). But if you go a bit past the "picnic area" (toilets and a couple of tables), there is a lookout point sign - down that path you'll find the end of a pebbled dry creek. If you are keen on swimming, this looks like a weed-free place to wade in.

There are swimming beaches on the island (which I've never been to), accessible by the community shuttle (run by Translink). Finding useful info about Bowen online is a challenge, so do go to the info centre for maps etc. Schedule for the C10 shuttle route here. Map of C10 route here.

If you have time to kill before your ferry or water taxi, escape the sun while you wait in the Memorial Garden (there is precious little shade around the docks). It's 5 minutes from the dock, shady, with benches and a view of Deep Bay. As you walk up from the ferry terminal, take the first right up past the info centre, then the first trail on the left, then you'll see the memorial gate on your right.

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