Wednesday, November 07, 2012

MOV Merchandise Launch

On Wednesday, November 7, The Museum of Vancouver officially launches it's new line of "Blast From the Past" merchandise.  Over the last few months, I was given the challenging and enjoyable task of translating several artifacts from the MOV collection into designs that could be printed onto tee shirts, beer glasses, tote bags, coasters, placemats, greeting cards, and note pads.  Two of those designs are pictured above.  

"Cascade" was the flagship product of Vancouver Breweries Ltd. at the turn of the century.
The tote bag is based on a 1920s brochure.

Retail partners carrying products I worked on include: Walrus (pictured directly above), The Cascade Room, Country Furniture, Make, Vancouver Special, Murchies, and Bookmark at Vancouver Public Library.
(Products are currently not available at the museum. Thanks to Richard Muller of Sum Things Ventured for the collaboration.)

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