Friday, January 04, 2013


Finch's Market opened last month at 501 E. Georgia St. in Strathcona (read about it here and see more pics), so I checked it out with pal and food blogger Jeannette of Everybody Likes Sandwiches. I instantly felt like I was in a Portlandia sketch - the cute staff moving at a poetic pace, organic ingredients and jams stacked in mason jars, no immediately discernible way of ordering food or knowing precisely what is in it, unmarked washrooms, old-timey nick-knacks, butcher's paper instead of plates. On to the food. We tried the famous pear, walnut, brie, prosciutto baguette and it was very good. Super fresh, huge, tasty, and not bad at $10 including tax. We avoided the lunch rush by coming at 1:00 and were lucky to get a table (there are only a few).  Say what you will about gentrification, the previous occupants of "U-Go-To-Store" have nothing over this quaint eatery.

Trivia note: The apartment above the café was Gil Sloane's in The Killing.

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