Monday, May 19, 2014

Further Adventures in the Wild West

The lovely Brick and Mortar shop - brave business pioneers of New Westminster
(Sadly, vandalized just last week)

Old charms - Carnarvon Court at 4th St.

Construction everywhere

Some things never change...

New West = bridal destination x 10

 One of the only two remaining antique shops on "Antique Alley" (Front St.)

What's left of "Antique Alley". I used to love exploring the shops here.
Mostly boarded up now, or torn down, or burned down.

 I have always liked the grit on Front St., but that is being scrubbed away.

 The still under-utilized waterfront. I'd love to know what the future of this place will be...

One of these bad boys did high speed donuts for the crowd at Riverfront Market.
It was odd, and oddly mesmerizing.

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