Friday, July 18, 2014

Krause Berry Farm

Krause Berry Farm in Langley is a well-oiled machine of u-pick, winery, bakery, cafe, groceries, and gifts, aimed at the crowd who wants a taste of country without stepping in any doo doo.  We tried the rhubarb and the blueberry wine in the flower garden (nice), then the corn/artichoke pizza, fries, and berry custard pie on "the Porch", where piped-in Billy Joel reminded us of our demographic.  The pizza worked better reheated the next day (today's lunch).  The preponderance of corn and general topping overload kind of made it more pie-like, and the fries had unfortunately absorbed all the frier oil rather than become crispy (which didn't stop me from eating them).  The berry pie tasted delicious, but strangely had no form – each slice completely collapsing under it's own weight – basically, the custard could not hold.  But can that be a bad thing?  The store was temptingly stocked with their frozen foods and berries, and if you're in the market for a strawberry-shaped teapot, they've got you covered with cute knick knacks and retro-style kitchenware.

A very good time was had by all, so I'll just leave out the white-knuckle highway drive to get there, and the skytrain computer malfunction that required a very long detour home (at least we weren't yet on the train when it happened – people were actually forcing doors open to escape.).  Just look at the pretty pictures... :)

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