Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sapperton to New Westminster

The small park of Sapperton Landing can be accessed at the foot of Cumberland St.. At the end of the trail you hit private property and uneven ground, so I don't recommend walking further along the Fraser, but we did anyway, and continued all the way to New Westminster. Pictured above: Ankers house, Jim's Garage Collectibles, old-school auto shop, squatter in the park, 1930s Coal House on the wharf where prisoners and goods were unloaded to the 1877 BC Penitentiary (demolished and replaced by condos after 1980), views along the Fraser, Front St., Columbia St., Lorne Mews off Clarkson, 1912 Arundel Mansion.

We were planning on trying out the restaurant in the still standing 1931 prison gatehouse (directly across the street from the Coal House), but it recently closed. The 1878 Goal Block and Boot Hill cemetery also remain, surrounded by condos.

Fun fact: Sapperton was the location of the barracks and other housing for the Royal Engineers, Columbia Detachment, who were known as "sappers", hence the name. A sap is a trench (French "sappe" derived from the archaic word for spade).

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