Sunday, August 10, 2014


I've lived in Vancouver for 20 years, and only recently learned that there is a neighbourhood called Southlands (south of Dunbar along the Fraser River). It's a strange mix—home territory of the Musqueam, and a wealthy area of huge affluent homes and horse farms. I rode my bike there through Shaughnessy and Kerrisdale, and checked out KJM Country Gardens which was strangely empty for a Sunday afternoon. A variety of plants, pots etc., plus rabbits, chickens, and goats (I've seen more goats in the past month than I can count for some reason).

Next time I'll check out Southland Heritage Farm and Southland Nursery which I passed by.

I then headed to Deering Island, which is basically one cul-de-sac suburban street plus small park on a piece of land on the Fraser. Give it a miss and turn right onto the bridal path where I encountered horseback riders, cyclists, and walkers. The trail goes along the Fraser for a while, then turns right along the golf course with woods on one side. Cyclists helped themselves to blackberries which were thankfully blocking out the golfers. I crossed small bridges over creeks (one was labeled the last wild salmon stream in Vancouver), then I hit the reservation area and it got a bit too gravelly for my street bike. Nice shady ride though if you have a mountain bike.

Turn left rather than right onto the bridal path at Deering Island and the trail continues, but I didn't go that way.


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