Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heritage Preservation – Vancouver Style

This is a grand Shaughnessy house with a Bel Air aspect. The house calls for preservation and enhancement of many charming architectural details. 
Unanimous support for this application as it retains and refurbishes a grand Shaughnessy house. This meritorious project fits the FSODP (First Shaughnessy Official Development Plan) and the Guidelines and greatly adds to the character and charm of the First Shaughnessy neighborhood.
– First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel Minutes 
I've regularly enjoyed walking past this 1925 Spanish Revival at 1656 Laurier Avenue. An application sign out front didn't seem too scary, as you're no longer allowed to demolish pre-1940 homes in this neighbourhood.

So it was quite a shock to walk past it the other day and see all but a ghostly shell remaining. Here's the real estate listing. Not exactly a tear-down by the looks of it. Enhancement, deconstruction. Potato, potahto. There's little doubt that everything inside was turned to wood chips.

The architect is Jim Bussey, the same man who brought these contentious town houses to the area. Most of his work is tasteful, so fingers crossed that at least the outside will be brought back to its former glory.

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