Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Wackness

Birthday celebration in Chilliwack doing the self-guided Circle Farm Tour. Visited The Local Harvest, Anita's Organic Mill, Happy Days Dairy, Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey (quaint interior, you can sample all the honeys, and the owner loves to talk about honey and bees), and Old Yale Brewing. We also got lost at the Great Heron Nature Reserve (which you don't want to do in 34C heat and the wrong shoes). Note to self – always take a map! Nice trail tho, and lots of herons. My only critique of the tour is that there were no cute alpacas or goats. We did mistakenly go off route and encounter two donkeys... Lunch at what seems to be the best eatery in town – Harvest Store and CafĂ©. Bright, airy interior, very good food and baking, nice staff, and outdoor patio in back. Recommended.

Super tasty strawberry cake and dinner afterwards with the gang.

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