Monday, September 07, 2015

Sea Island

Ferguson Rd.

Iona Beach

MacDonald Beach

Let's ride our bikes... To the airport?? Yes, you can cycle over the Arthur Lang Bridge to Sea Island and on to MacDonald Beach and Iona Beach. I wouldn't do it again, but it was interesting to be that close to the planes (plane watchers were set up with lawn chairs on the berm), and to see horses grazing there, and protected marshlands full of herons. Fraser River Park on the Vancouver side is nicer imho (you can see it across the river in the above photo and I wrote about it here.) 

Delicious fish n' chips n' beer at Milltown on Richmond Island (which is basically a big parking lot fringed with greenery, with a dry dock, marina, and restaurant). Located at the tip of Marpole, it was originally a sandbar, then a cannery was built on it. In recent years it was used to store finished lumber products. Easy to get to by bike through Shaughnessy's Cypress bikeway.

The ride to Iona was not so pleasant, although there were many cyclists there. Exhausted, we skytrained it home from the kooky new luxury mall. See the madness here if you can stomach it.

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