Friday, September 25, 2015

Where on Earth?

Hai! I checked out the McArthur Glen Outlet Mall on Sea Island so you don't have to! A little bit Main Street, a little bit Yaletown, a little bit Kits, and a whole lot bubble-world. A simulacrum Hotel Vancouver greets you at the entrance. Frank Sinatra and his ilk are piped seamlessly into this wonderland at every corner, lulling you into a creepy sense of wellbeing. I could have sat sipping coffee under the roar of jets landing for hours. I came away empty handed, tho there were bargoons to be had at Cole Haan and J. Crew. Mercifully uncrowded on a weekday, I shudder to imagine it on a Christmas season weekend (or the traffic congestion on the Arthur Lang Bridge). The skytrain there and back was confusing as hell – I can't believe professional way-finding experts are employed by Translink. We couldn't even figure out how to pay on the way back, so bummed a free ride.

Final verdict: With all the gates closed, this location would make a perfectly secure Woodbury during the apocalypse. With it's own security team, all it needs is a maniacal Gap manager for Governor. Unfortunately, some might say that it's already been overtaken by zombies.


Luc Latulippe said...

Yikes! That sounds awful! I'm amazed you went :)

Mia Hansen Vancouver, BC said...

The shooo-za!