Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sea to Summit Trail

Three years ago I hiked the Stawamus Chief and vowed never to return. But now Squamish has the Sea to Summit Trail with a gondola that brings you back down. The terrain is easier in that there are some declines and flat areas to break up the climb. It takes way less time (we did it in 2hrs 37 mins), you pass a gorgeous waterfall, and there is a rest area at the top (as opposed to a barren rock face). I'm all for nature, but I also like my creature comforts (there's also a cafĂ© at the bottom). Apparently the food is not great, so consider bringing a sandwich as we did. Shoes take a gentle beating against rocks, roots, dirt and mud, so I'm glad I invested in trail shoes (these are very comfortable and nimble). Terrain consists of wooden steps, jutting rocks, roots and soft soil on steep inclines (the roots are handy/necessary to pull oneself up), some relatively flat areas (roots and soft soil), and a couple of non-threatening bare rock faces with rope lines or chains. Step-ups are not my strong suit, so by the time we neared the top, my legs had passed their limits. But, I'd do it again! Tip: Unless you enjoy crowds and heavy traffic, go early. Very early...

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