Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ontario Wine Country

Kew Vineyards

The fam and I did a wine tasting tour of the Niagara Escarpment region. First we went to Peninsula Ridge, which has a restaurant in a beautiful red brick farm house in front (closed that day, but picturesque). Then Rosewood who specialize in mead and wine flavoured with honey. Then lunch and more tasting at The Good Earth. I really liked the atmosphere of this place. The food was good—simple local fare (tho pricey). The patio looks out over their garden. Malivoire has a popular "Musqué Spritz", so we went there for a bottle. Kew Vineyards specializes in sparkling wine, and is located in a lovely old house. The branding and feel here is very feminine. Vineland was the most impressive property, with an 1845 farmhouse restaurant, 1850s carriage house, and 1877 barn where the wine store is. The renovations look extensive, but are well done. Lastly we visited Featherstone which has a less grandiose, family farm feel, and resident falcon to keep starlings away from the grapes. If I knew anything about wine, I'd be able to provide a helpful review. But I'll just say that the drive along King St. through Beamsville to Vineland had quaint old houses, a school, and churches to see, the staff at every winery were helpful and kind, and I enjoyed all the wines! Thanks, T&B.

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