Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Westminster Heritage Homes Tour 2017

Read about the 2014 tour I wrote about here, and see what the Freemason's Hall looked like pre-tear down. There will be condos behind. We saw a couple of houses that went full-retro, with antiques and collectibles, and others with beautiful modern renos that complimented the heritage. The (numerous) volunteers were super friendly and chatty. At each house, we were ushered in by a beaming "Hyack princess" in full sash and tiara mode. Only in New West! We also finally got to see the Irving House museum, which is a creepily authentic step back in time to the dark, severe Victorian era. Much of the original relics are there, since heirs remained until the 50s, when it was sold to the city to become a museum. Worth a visit. New Westminster Heritage Homes Tour facebook page

Lunch at the much-hyped Anny's. Nothing artisanal or hipster here. Mini review: decent small burger for cheap (what you'd expect for $3 at a takeout counter). Yelp photos will tell you all you need to know about the fries (avoid them). The famous maple twist cone was a bad idea in 30˚C heat (first world nightmare), and the small is huge. Ambiance, French Canadian mural kitsch. No bathroom. Ok for a pit-stop when you are hungry. Friendly service from Anny herself. It's very much like the chip wagon food of our childhood. Maybe that is the appeal.

Fun day! Thanks, AC!

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