Saturday, July 30, 2011

A "foodie" I am not.  The term actually makes me cringe a little.  But I am interested in jazzing up my routine diet and learning some basics.  I ordered The Flavor Bible for inspiration (thanks, Lori and Paul for the Amazon certificate!).  It's basically an index of ingredients and regional food styles with lists of the things that compliment it, and some combo suggestions.  There are also basic food chemistry tips and professional chef anecdotes.

Visited the Gourmet Warehouse for the first time today, and indulged in a few "non-essentials".  Shouldn't every sophisticated adult have a bottle of bitters?  I also got sumac based on this recipe.  What the heck is sumac and what does one do with it?  I'll soon be an expert...

Listen: Sonny and the Sunsets - Girl on the Streets

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