Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I take chances on random movies at the library, and sometimes get lucky. The title and DVD cover for this Russian film is so lame that I almost returned it unwatched. But I'm glad I gave it a chance, as every minute is visually stunning. In one of many amazing "visual joke" scenes, the somewhat homely and very un-American-leading-lady is caught in the violent melee of a post-soccer riot still dressed in her work-related happy cell phone costume. A dark romantic comedy for the thinking crowd.

It still follows the recent trend where the leading man is the lowest of the low, but the smart/cool woman is smitten non-the-less. I call this genre "restraining order romance" - because in real life, a woman that great would have nothing to do with men that awful. See Punch Drunk Love, Greenburg, Shop Girl and Adam as just a very small example. This theme would never work in reverse - where a man is attracted to a mean, unavailable, unemployed, mentally ill (fill in the blank etc.) person. Am I right?

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