Monday, October 17, 2011

Continuing on a bit with my clothing rant. Clothing can be practical, clothing can be superficial, clothing can be silly. But like it or not – clothing matters. "Suits for Wall Street" sums it up perfectly:

"In the 1960s you could fly your freak flag high. In 2011, it just looks sloppy. We are the 99 percent, but we need the support of the 60 percent who think we're just messing around."

"You'll see just how much respectability a little effort can buy."

Suits for Wall Street from Wall Street Suits.

Occupy Wall Street is a bit like "naming and shaming the johns". It might not change much, but it needs to be done. It's not at all about ending capitalism of course (there's no viable replacement for that), but about trying to stop the psychopaths at the top from being rewarded for behaving like psychopaths. Or at the very least acknowledging that psychopaths are running the joint.

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