Monday, May 26, 2014

Walk 'n gawk

A very damp New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society Heritage Homes Tour and Tea this weekend. Tours began in 1980 in response to the demolition of beautiful homes in the city. Judging by the turnout, this is a very popular and traditional yearly activity.

Random hand-painted sign sighted along the way. 

One of several princess bedrooms we saw...

Massey Theatre (1949), notable for being the second largest theatre in BC, and New Westminster's first Modern architecture.

Out of tour bounds – not the set of a horror movie, but the attached New Westminster Secondary School.

Bathrooms and kitchens were points of pride. Love the tiles.

Lots of reno before and afters. 

Last chance to explore the Freemasons Hall.  It will be torn down and replaced with a new temple and residential tower in a year due to upkeep expenses and seismic issues.

A lot of pokey rooms with coat hangers.

I like a good old vault. This one requires a ladder to reach.

Wall of ladies.

A strange aura pervades.

Many locked cabinets.

Serious aprons are a running motif.

Hope someone salvages this knocker.

This place could use a woman's touch. Just sayin'.

"God and Geometry"

Two pillars represent the gate at the Temple of Solomon in Israel. 

Room behind the pipe organ

Galbraith Manor, 131 Eighth St. – law offices now

Tea time consisted of hastily eaten (and welcomed) sandwiches at the Justice Institute.

Besides wearing our feet off (NW is on quite the hill), getting wet, and our general lack of directional sense, a good time was had. The Hide Out Cafe was the only discernible locally-owned location for a caffeine pick-me-up.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted getting to know New West so well.  Top of the Brow, Moody Park, Queen's Park, Uptown – been there, done that! 

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