Saturday, October 20, 2018

Diez Vistas – attempt #2

Somewhat farcically, we ended up down a wrong trail (yet again) that took us back to where we came from (trail blazes at the top in two directions and no trail names). One of these days we'll make it the whole way! Sigh. At least we were on the actual Diez trail for a while! It was fairly challenging, with narrow rocky switchbacks close to steep drops (concentration on footing a must, as well as looking for blazes). Not for a casual hiker, or anyone with a fear of heights. We went the reverse way this time, starting at the floating bridge which is the best direction as trail markers are better (for a while!), and you would not want to come down this way. Still got in a good three hours and a couple of vistas. Beautiful trail and a good workout. Info

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