Friday, June 19, 2020

Kennedy Falls

Our second time on Big Cedar Trail to Kennedy Falls – the first time was just over 4 years ago. It was busier today due to people bustin' out, but we still rarely met anyone. And it was a lot wetter. The creekbeds one has to cross were running and some parts of the trail were extremely muddy. A nice technical challenge without too many inclines, and a big payoff at the end. At some point, they must have put a log along the most eroded part of the trail near the falls, which is an improvement. No photo of the 600-year-old big cedar this time, as it was surrounded by workers with saws and what looked like material for bracing it. It took us 4 hours total from the gate including a 15-minute lunch break. Info here.

For future reference, take the Second Narrows Bridge, Highway 1. An old iron bridge crosses Lynn Creek southbound on your left (northbound does not cross this bridge). Immediately there is exit 21 then turn right onto Mountain Highway and go due north all the way to the end just past Borthwick Rd to the Mount Fromme parking lot. Walk past the gate at the washrooms following gravel road until you see a trail marker on the right "Cedar Tree Trail". After crossing a wooden bridge you will soon come to a yellow advisory sign, take that trail.

To return, take Mountain Highway back down. Cross Highway 1 on an overpass then you hit the Keith Road intersection, turn left on Keith Rd. You'll see a sign for "Vancouver 1" over the far left lane, and soon be parallel to Highway 1 at the Mountain Highway intersection (old iron bridge now visible on your left). Turn left at the next set of lights (no signage here) to get back onto southbound Highway 1 crossing Second Narrows Bridge.

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