Friday, September 04, 2020

Sea to Summit (6th time)

I'm apparently really out of shape right now, so this was our worst time to the summit (2 hrs 51 minutes). S2S suffered the double whammy of vandalism last year, and you-know-what this year. Passes are now required to reduce the number of people on the trail and at the Summit Lodge. Passes "sold out" this morning within one minute at the start of online registration time at 6am. It was moderately busy but not crowded at the top, the suspension bridge was one-way only (towards the lodge, so we skipped it), and the restaurant was closed (a counter-service cafĂ© was open). Limited seating at the viewpoint. Masks required in the lodge and gondolas. We had the trail to ourselves most of the way and it was the perfect weather for it. Variety, views, great workout!

May 21, 2016 – 2:37
Oct 1, 2016 – (no time recorded)
May 26, 2018 – 2:26
Oct 13 – 2018 – 2:17
Jun 29, 2019 – 2:28
Sept 4, 2020 – 2:51

Oh yeah! We saw two adorable grouse (my second time ever seeing one). They were quite tame and checked us out for a while (either curious or expecting food), and made the cutest little cooing noises. Bad photo below...

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