Sunday, September 06, 2020

To the River District

Semi-epic bike ride to the River District. The last time I was there was before all the new condos went up. Seems to me they missed an opportunity to create a walk and bike-centric area. Other than an Earl's type of burger joint, there's nothing a Normal would consider within walking distance, not even a convenience store. A nice enough place for a walk along the river tho.

Took lovely, shady, pot-hole-free Angus (top photo) down to 59th, across to Heather, down to Kent. You have to jog down to Kent South, and up to Kent North over the train tracks a couple of times, so sometimes you are with traffic on Kent N (why traffic on an industrial road on a Sunday?), and then you're on quiet Kent S or a bike path (pictured above). There are 15 minutes of this unpleasantness – light and heavy industry, the stench of garbage from the waste rendering plant, dead rats, trash... But other than that, the entire journey wasn't bad.

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